An Update on the Back to School Giveaway

We’ve only got a couple more days left to go on the Back to School Giveaway — three, if you want to be exact (and I do).  As I write this on Tuesday afternoon, we have well over 200 entrants, which actually still leaves fairly good odds that each entrant will take something home for their school or district, considering we have 20 prizes to give away.

Actually, every entrant can get something out of it if they want, because each of the six companies involved are offering discounts on their products or services to anyone who troubled themselves to leave a reply on the page and enter into the drawing.

Personally, I’ve been blown away by the responses we’re getting to this.  200 entrants may not sound like a lot, and maybe it isn’t.  But many of these people are taking the time to emphatically thank us for organizing such a giveaway.  Others are tweeting about it (that’s how you score bonus points for your school and increase your odds of winning) and some have even blogged about it.

When I went to ISTE, I left with such a feeling of excitement for the future of education.  I had met some of the most enthusiastic and committed educators I could have ever asked to meet.  This contest is doing the same thing for me.  I see some of the best educators this generation of students could ask for in the spreadsheet that I’ve created to keep track of all the entrants.

These folks have gone out of their way to sign up for something that yes, could benefit them a little, but would mostly benefit their schools or districts at large.  The fact that we spent nothing on advertising and tried to spread the word mostly through social networks shows that they have plugged themselves into numerous edtech hubs in order to keep their fingers close to the pulse.  And that’s awesome.

I’m looking forward to seeing how many people sign up before Friday at midnight (realistically, I’ll close comments down on Saturday morning to give the last few stragglers a bit of a grace period).  But mostly I’m looking forward to seeing how the winners but all these great edtech solutions to use in their classroom.

If you haven’t entered yet, go ahead and do it!  You just might get something great for your students out of it.

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