Announcing the Winners of the Back to School Giveaway

At last, the time has come to announce the winners of the Back to School Giveaway — those fortunate souls whose classrooms, schools, or districts will be taking home their share of the $150,000 in premium edtech resources offered by VocabSushi, SchoolTube, Sweet Search, Virtual Nerd, Collaborize Classroom, and (of course) TestSoup.  This is an exciting moment — for me and (I hope) for all the entrants.

Without further ado, here are the winners!

  • Grand Prize: LuAnn Miller, Technology Facilitator of Hartnett County Schools
  • Second Prize: MeQuanta L. McCord, Instructional Coach at Hubbard Elementary School
  • Third Prize: Sherry Harrington, Teacher at Seckman Elementary School
  • Fourth Prize: Lisa Simpkins of the Open High School of Utah
  • Fifth Prize: Susie Toso, Technology Coordinator at the Isidore Newman School
  • Sixth Prize: Graham Bartlett, PYP Coordinator at Williams Preparatory Primary
  • Seventh Prize: Angela Cobb, Teacher at West-Oak High School
  • Eighth Prize: Angie Trae-Greenbarg, Teacher at the Valor Academy Charter School
  • Ninth Prize: Debbie VanZandt, Librarian at Tuloso-Midway High School
  • Tenth Prize: Valerie Aas of the City of Lakes Waldorf School
  • Eleventh Prize: Samantha Gerwe-Perkins, Teacher at Walnut Hills High School
  • Twelfth Prize: Danny Fain, Teacher at the Learning Prep School
  • Thirteenth Prize: Jocelyn Ozolins, Media Specialist at Greenport School
  • Fourteenth Prize: Barbara Green
  • Fifteenth Prize: Sherry Moore, Teacher at Catlettsburg Elementary School
  • Sixteenth Prize: Helen Coalter, Teacher at Swift Creek Middle School
  • Seventeenth Prize: Beth Dennis, Media Specialist at Parkway Elementary
  • Eighteenth Prize: Lawrence Armstrong of Chapman Elementary School
  • Nineteenth Prize: Rebecca Hendrix, Teacher in the Hallsville ISD
  • Twentieth Prize: Karin Williams, Teacher with Preston Schools

We’ll be sending out emails to these lucky individuals later today with information on how they can go about claiming their prizes and getting their classrooms, schools, and districts set up with all the best that the BTSG co-sponsors have to offer.

And if you don’t see your name up here, don’t despair!  We’re more than willing to work with you on bringing our services to your school in whatever way we can.  We saw a lot of passion from the entrants to the BTSG, and we want to reward that.  I know that we can find a way to work together to help your students.  Just leave a comment on this post and we’ll be in touch in a flash!

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  1. Just sent out the emails notifying the winners. Hopefully they’re as excited about what they’ve won as we are about working with them!

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