Featured Community College: Rio Salado College

rsz_riosaladoSchool: Rio Salado College

Location: Tempe, AZ

Enrollment size: 25,109 students

Offers online program? Yes

Cost: $76/credit in-state; $215 credit out-of-state

Placement test used: the ACCUPLACER

Highlights: Boasting a beautiful campus in Tempe, AZ, Rio Salado College is becoming an increasingly popular community college. They have the fastest growing 2-year online program in the country. Business and Education are their most popular programs, but their list is quite comprehensive with more than 40 programs and 9 Associate Degrees.

To learn more, visit www.riosalado.edu

Rio Salado, like many other community colleges, uses the ACCUPLACER as an entrance exam.  To access our extensive ACCUPLACER study guide and flashcard set, click here.

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