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You probably don’t know this unless you keep a pretty sharp eye on our library page, but TestSoup comes out with new flashcard content every single week.  Sometimes we’ll revise or update an existing set (like we did just recently with the GRE), but often that means churning out brand-spanking-new flashcard sets available online, in the iOS App Store, and the Android Market.

Usually we send out an email to everyone on our mailing list announcing all the new content, but that really only helps people on our mailing list, now doesn’t it?  So I thought that it might be nice to write a short post about the three new flashcard sets we put out just last week.

  • First of all, there’s the Quincy Tutoring Grades 1-6 Math Vocabulary cards — all 736 of ‘em!  This is the set that we’re most excited about from last week (in fact, we even put out a press release about them!).  It represents the beginning of what we hope will be a very fruitful partnership between TestSoup and Quincy Tutoring of Boston, MA.  These cards are custom designed by the lead tutor at QT — a great guy named Eric Clark who has written a couple quality guest blog posts for us in the past.
  • We also came out with a free set of flashcards stuffed with facts about John Adams, the second President of the United States and key member of the founding fathers club.  If you don’t know much about him, be sure to check them out.
  • Finally, we put out another set of cards with information on the American Civil War.  This isn’t our first set of flashcards of this kind, which should go to show you how important we think this issue is.  Our country is facing divisive political forces almost daily, and they say that those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.  Let’s hope not.  Go ahead and download our new Civil War flashcards today.

That’s it for this week.  Hopefully you saw something you liked.  And if not, just remember that we’re cranking out new content all the time.  Who knows — next Monday you might see something that really grabs you by the horns.

Oh, and one final thing: if you’re a teacher and you’re in the market for $150,000 of free edtech resources for your classroom and your students, head on over to the Back to School Giveaway.  It’s a (free) contest that we’re co-sponsoring with some other great edtech companies.  We would love for you to win.

Not a teacher?  That’s okay.  Feel free to spread the word!

2 Responses to New Flashcards By the Week!
  1. I love that you have John Adams flashcards, that is a perfect connection with the City of Quincy. Lot’s of history in our city!

    Have a great day,


  2. I hadn’t thought about that, but I wonder if that was the inspiration. The first TestSoup “mad scientist” lived in that area…

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