Pace Yourself!

One of the most common mistakes made by many standardized test-takers is that they fail to pace themselves on test day. Standardized tests are timed tests so you must pace yourself! Here are two simple tips to help you beat the clock:

1. Practice Like You Play.  Get into the habit of simulating the actual test environment. This means no food, no drink, no paper and pencil (if your test is computerized), etc. Find out where the test center is and scope it out. We are creatures of habit so get comfortable and KNOW the routine.

2. Study With Flashcards.  One of the biggest regrets of many test-takers is that they failed to study with flashcards from day 1. Get into the habit of reviewing flashcards at least two-three times per week. Because your test is timed, don’t waste time pondering a formula, vocabulary word, idiom, etc. This is the beauty behind TestSoup. Our system is designed to give you the MOST important core concepts, test strategies, and test hacks to help you ace your test. For GMAT test-takers, this is critical to maximizing your score.

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