Six Simple Steps for Succeeding in School

guest written by Mark Molloy of My Town Tutors

Being a classroom teacher for close to twenty years, I have noticed some simple, but useful tips that can help students succeed academically. Each year there are a growing number of distractions in the classroom and at home that can take a student away from success in school. Just a few of the most recent obstacles are; smart phones, facebook, twitter, texting, youtube and online video games.

A student needs to be able to focus on school and school work to separate themselves from their peers and improve their chances of success in school and later in life.

1. Get a good night’s sleep. It is so important to get a good night’s sleep. It is recommended that teens sleep 10 hours a day. Allowing for the proper amount of sleep needs to be a child’s and parent’s main priority.

2. Eat a good breakfast. So simple, yet many students do not find the time to eat a good breakfast. Running late, grab a fruit. Students who eat breakfast are more attentive and are ready to take on the challenges of a school day.

3. Be kind & respectful to teachers and other students. This is a simple rule that not all students follow. Develop a habit of being kind and showing respect for all people. Even with people you may not like. Show respect and be kind. It will go along way.

4. Pay attention in class. When I was attending school, some students would spend part or all of class writing a note to a friend. (If caught, this note often could be read to the entire class — probably a law suit today.) Today students need to fight the urge to send or respond to the ridiculous amount of text messages that are sent and received by teens. Simply paying attention and participating in class will go a long way towards understanding the material and doing well.

5. Do all your homework to the best of your ability. Believe it or not, there are very few students at the end of a term or school year who are capable of completing all the homework assignments. Sadly, as a school year progresses, some students may not even attempt homework assignments at all. This can be very discouraging and often leads to setbacks in other areas of a student’s life.

Set aside time each night to complete your homework assignments.

6. Get extra help or find a good tutor. Most teachers offer extra help at least once a week. Take advantage of this free opportunity. A student can show a teacher that he/she is willing to work extra hard to understand the material. Working one on one with a teacher can often do wonders for a a student’s understanding of the concepts and material. If extra help cannot be a consistent option (i.e. work or extra-curricular activities), you could find a willing classmate to help.

A student may also want to find a teacher in the area who tutors. My Town Tutors believes “teachers are great tutors!” We have over 180 teachers registered with us. If there is not a teacher in your area, contact us and do our best to find one for you within 48 hours.

The school year is quickly approaching. Relax, enjoy your summer, and be ready to hit the ground running when that first bell rings!

About the author: Mark Molloy is a high-school teach with two decades of experience and the founder of My Town Tutors, a service for connecting parents and students with qualified teachers and tutors.  You may follow him on Twitter here.
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