Smart Summer Studying Part II: The Schedule

Here is a sample schedule for you to try to increase your productiveness and decrease your anxiety:
Tuesday 7/20/10
10PM: Goodnight
Wednesday 7/21/10
8:30AM: Good morning –Try to get up around the same time every day; create a regular sleep schedule.
9AM: Breakfast- eat something that will keep you full for a while so you are not distracted by hunger/snacking. I would recommend a bowl of cereal with fruit with coffee to drink!
9:30AM: Start your studying. Try to study straight through until 12:30PM. This will give you a solid three hours of studying-uninterrupted.
12:30PM: Lunch. Eat a decent size lunch either a sandwich with protein like peanut butter or turkey or a super healthy yogurt parfait. Make sure you munch on some snack foods during lunch so the cravings do not distract you during the rest of your day. Also, if you need to, refill the caffeine with either a second cup of coffee or a cup of tea with honey.
1PM: Relax/Break Time. This is the time to decompress; let your brain take it easy. Watch your favorite shows that you recorded and/or take a short nap. Just relax during this time, until approximately 3PM.
3PM: At this point it is up to you how you spend the rest of your day, but I would suggest the following: 1. Head to the gym. Burn off any excess stress left and get rid of the extra adrenaline which will only cause you anxiety later. 2. Study some more-more review never hurts. Go back to those areas that troubled you (the ones you flagged for review!)
5PM: Dinner time.
6PM: Shower and get ready for bed. I know it sounds really early, but you have had a long day and its nice to be ready early and enjoy that time to relax.
7PM: Until 8PM review what you studied today. Go back and annotate your practice questions. For example, the ones you got wrong, go back and try to figure out why and write down steps. Also, mark questions that still trouble you to come back to at a later time/date with more assistance. Lastly, make sure you know your formulas! Maybe you could create flashcards just for formulas and review them during this time as well.
9PM-10PM: Use this time to relax and to go to sleep in bed. It has been a long day and you are doing it all over again tomorrow morning! Good luck and good night!

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