Start Up Challenges: Buliding Brand Loyalty

By Matt Sprague

TS_logoAs a thriving start up company out of Manchester, NH, TestSoup has owned it’s share of ups and downs.  The idea of getting it correct the first time is not realistic but the focus has always been to learn from mistakes and strive to be better each day.  This post is one in a series of our perception of the start up world.  Agree with it or disagree with it.  Either way is OK because we already disclosed that we are not always correct.   All we ask is that you join the discussion.  Please feel free to leave your thoughts below.

Building Brand Loyalty

The most important element in creating something that people can rely on is that the product is GREAT!!   Notice that I did not say GOOD!  GOOD is not GOOD enough in a competitive market.   MVP’s (Minimum Viable Product) serve their purpose but when you are ready to bring your product to market, make sure you spend the time to make sure the product is perfect.  There is no substitute.

Other things to consider in no particular order are:

Customer Service- now that you have the customer, how will they be treated and how swiftly.  In this day and age, the consumer wants nothing less than immediate response.

Tell A Story – who you are and what you do needs to be engaging.  Focus on the “why”, the “how”, and not the “what”.   Why you do what you do.  How it helps and how you can help.  The what is obvious, it is your product or service.  (See Simon Sinek)

Re-Deliver Content – If the consumer likes your product and enjoys how they are treated, you have them, don’s let them get away.  Continue to deliver relevant up to date content.  They need to know that you are always up to speed with the latest and greatest so when they have a need for another product, they will go to you first (a.k.a Brand Loyalty)


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