Start Getting Excited for ISTE… NOW!

It seems like only yesterday that I was writing a blog post announcing the swingin’ party that TestSoup will be co-hosting at the ISTE 2011 conference in Philadelphia at the end of this month.  But that impression is entirely mistaken.  In fact, I wrote that post over a month ago now — back when our free karaoke tweetup only had something like a hundred pre-registered attendees.  Last I heard, which was over a week ago, we have around 400.  So if you haven’t done so already, I strongly encourage you to head on over to our Eventbrite page and reserve yourself a spot.

“But what if I’ve already registered?” you might ask.  A very good question, to which I have two answers.

First of all, don’t forget that you need to find one of us during the ISTE conference to claim your free VIP badge, which you will need to turn your attendance from pipe-dream to actual, factual reality.  We shouldn’t be that hard to find, really.  I mean, there are six of us co-hosts, and each of us will have multiple people on the ground, mingling with the crowd and attending various events for our own edification.

If you want to reach any of us during ISTE 2011, probably the best way to do that would be to @reply us on Twitter and establish a meeting place so that you can claim your pass to what promises to be one of the highlights of this year’s conference.  In case you need a refresher on who we are, our handles are as follows: @Collaborize, @SchoolTube, @Edutopia, @symbalooEDU, @findingDulcinea, and (of course) @TestSoup.

“But what else can I do?”  In my own humble opinion, I would suggest that you start getting excited for ISTE right now, and don’t stop until you are there, reveling in the magic of so much Ed Tech so close together.  This is TestSoup’s first conference ever, and from what we hear this one is absolutely a blast.  I’m sure our massive karaoke blowout on Tuesday night (the 28th) won’t hurt.

Speaking of which, are you aware that SchoolTube has created a custom channel on their site for people to upload their own videos of past karaoke exploits?  Well they have, and although so far there haven’t been any takers, I’m optimistic that we’ll see something before the conference starts.  You can’t tell me that out of all those people who will be attending our tweetup that none of them have ever sang karaoke, or that no one has ever been filmed doing karaoke before.  Preposterous!

So unleash your wild side.  Get excited.  But above all, start planning your trip to ISTE 2011.  We’re getting closer every moment.


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