Startup Challenges: My New Years Resolution(s)

By Matt Sprague (@sprague13)

TS_logoAs a thriving startup out of Manchester, NH, TestSoup has owned it’s share of ups and downs.  The idea of getting it correct the first time is not realistic but the focus has always been to learn from mistakes and strive to be better each day.  This post is one in a series of our perception of the start up world.  Agree with it or disagree with it.  Either way is OK because we already disclosed that we are not always correct.   All we ask is that you join the discussion.  Please feel free to leave your thoughts below.

My New Years Resolution(s)

Many people will have their own personal resolutions.  Maybe to lose some weight, eat healthier, start working out (again)….  I can check off each of those for me.  However, I am interested in making some resolutions for my professional life.  As an entrepreneur, what are some areas that need some changes or re-fortifications?

1) Time Efficiency – This can come in many shapes and sizes.  For me, I need to section off parts of my day for certain tasks to ensure that attention is given to every area of my responsibilities.  It is very easy to be side tracked (Focus, Focus, Focus…Hey Look A Squirrel!!), so setting up a specific schedule or time allotments will help make me a more productive employee.

2) Daily Goals – I was much better at this when I first started.  I set up specific things that needed to get accomplished every single day.  Again, these goals will be different for every person depending on their responsibilities.   My specific areas will include (but not limited to) business development, marketing and content development.  Very specific tasks will be created to make certain that I am consistently making a difference.

3) Continuing Education - There are very few original ideas left in the world and that is alright.   Most ideas are recycled and / or re-purposed.  The original part of this is utilizing ingenuity to make the ideas work for you.   Time each day should be set aside to read an article or watch a video concerning some aspect of my job or industry.

A Startup will only be as successful as the strength of it’s founders’ convictions.   This is a challenge to myself and everyone else out there.  Good Luck and Happy New Year!!

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