Staying in the Game

by John J. Walters

Writing news update posts is always a little bit of a challenge.  Actually, writing a post for the TestSoup blog at all is a bit of a challenge for me this time around.  I’m a bit rusty, if you must know.  Our guest posts have been so successful that I haven’t written a single post for our blog since we got back from co-hosting EdTech Karaoke at ISTE 11, and that feels like it was ages ago.  But every once in a while, I need to poke my head in the door and make sure everything is humming along as it should.

Here’s the real challenge, though.  How do you make the fact that we’ve updated our GRE flashcard content to be in sync with the August 1, 2011 General Test revisions into a fun and interesting blog post?  How do you make people care about the fact that we completely revamped our materials in under three weeks time?  Is there a way to dress that up and make it appeal to the masses?

I don’t know.  I just… Don’t. Know.

What I do know is this: they’ve been talking about updating the GRE — the standardized exam that all applicants to grad schools must take — since 2006.  But they didn’t do anything about it until this year.  They say that now the test is more in line with the skill sets that are important for success in modern graduate programs.  And I’m sure it is.

Changes to a test like this cannot be made lightly.  Maybe that’s why they spent so long talking about it before they made their move.  Fortunately, TestSoup isn’t constrained by multiple layers of bureaucracy.  When we see a test that needs quality, up-to-date study content, we move.  It’s what we do, and we make no apologies for it.  Should we?

It all goes back to the vision of our founder, Brian Reese.  You see, back in the day (and by that, we mean almost two whole years ago), Brian was studying for the GMAT, and he was spending a lot of money on test prep materials.  Some were worth the cash, but the vast majority of them weren’t.  So he started making his own flashcards, and after a very short while he saw the scores on his practice tests going up.

Fast forward to last year and Brian had assembled test prep experts to help him produce flashcards for several other standardized tests.  Of course, creating relevant content was important then, and we’re not going to stop now.  What kind of players would we be if we bailed on the game as soon as things got interesting?  I mean — could we still call ourselves “players?”

You may not care about the GRE.  I understand that.  But if test prep is in your future (and I would love to see a future that doesn’t involve some amount of studying) then you should know that TestSoup plans to continue staying relevant and up-to-date.  That’s a promise that extends to every one of our tests.

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