Staying Sharp

What do you do to stay sharp after you get out of school? I’ve seen a lot of good blog posts aimed at helping students avoid “the summer slide.” But what about post-graduation? Not everyone gets involved in a field that is exciting and challenging (like education) — in fact, many end up working jobs that are boring, repetitive, and mind-numbing.

Fortunately, there are little things you can do every day to stay sharp. Everyone knows the popular ones, like cross-word puzzles and Sudoku. But what if you’re not into either one of those?

Last week, we got an email from someone interesting in sharing a few other possibilities. So, if you’re wondering how to keep your mind active even though your body is aging, just remember that there are plenty of apps, games and exercises you can do to help improve your memory, creativity, and cognitive function. And these activities aren’t just designed to get the juices flowing, they’re fun too!

Check out the full article here: Your Brain on Apps: The Best Apps for Improving Cognitive Functioning. I challenge you to not want to make a purchase or two in either Google Play store or the Apple iTunes store afterwards.

Thanks to Whitney Hughlett for the tip-off!

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