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Repost: The Smartest Students in America Go to … Community Colleges?

Ask anyone you know where the smartest people in America go to college. Chances are you’ll get all the same answers: Harvard, MIT, Yale, etc. But I don’t think that’s true. If you ask me, the smartest people go to … Continue reading

Community College Entrance Exam Question of the Day

This question is taken from the Accuplacer, which is used by students applying to community college. 26)  A boy is 22 years old. His mother is 2.5 times his age. When the boy is 30 years old, what will be … Continue reading

Featured Community College: Rio Salado College

School: Rio Salado College Location: Tempe, AZ Enrollment size: 25,109 students Offers online program? Yes Cost: $76/credit in-state; $215 credit out-of-state Placement test used: the ACCUPLACER Highlights: Boasting a beautiful campus in Tempe, AZ, Rio Salado College is becoming an … Continue reading

Forget Four More Years: Why Community College Could Be Your Ticket To Financial Success

Shared from Forbes: http://buff.ly/Ug4COV Does less classroom time equal a bigger bottom line? New research shows that when it comes to earning big bucks right after graduation, community college graduates have an edge over those with four-year degrees. CollegeMeasures analyzed … Continue reading

Community College Extrance Exam Question of the Day

This sample question is from the ACCUPLACER Exam. Factor: 3x-12 Step 1: I know that is the largest number that divides both terms in the polynomial is 3, so that is my greatest common factor. Step 2: I then pull … Continue reading

Three common Accuplacer questions

guest written by Eric Clark of Quincy Tutoring In my role as Assistant Director of Academic Services at Eastern Nazarene College (ENC) in Quincy MA, part of my responsibility is proctoring the Accuplacer. Quite often, people call asking several different … Continue reading