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Going Digital – It’s All About Planning, Support, and Time

guest written by Karen Greenhaus The #edchat topic this past week was “If tomorrow your school was told to go all digital by September, what would need to be done to make that happen?” My first thoughts: disaster! Anything expected … Continue reading

The ABC’s of a Utopian School

guest written by Tracy Schutz  As probably many veteran educators do, I dream of the perfect school — the precise balance between properly aligned curriculum to meet the needs of every child, parents who are supportive and involved, and a faculty … Continue reading

The Good Admin — #EdChat Summary: 4/3/12

Topic: What should a good Administrator look like & how can we get there from here? Great discussion this week. I could barely keep up with all the comments that were flying around, and I did my absolute best to … Continue reading

Observation or Coaching? — #EdChat Summary: 3/27/12

Topic: What are the possibilities that open to us if we change the observation model for teachers to a coaching model? Wow. This week’s conversation was a doozy. Great topic, fast and frantic discussion, and plenty to learn. It’s weeks … Continue reading

Leading Change Through Edtech

guest written by PJ Caposey   Effective educational leaders focus their energy on promoting two things: maximizing capacity for all members of their faculty and staff and aligning the goals of individuals within the organization with that of the school … Continue reading

Teacher-Directed PD — #EdChat Summary: 3/6/12

Topic: With the need to leave comfort zones for relevant professional development to take effect, should teachers continue to control their own learning for PD? This week’s #edchat was the third in recent memory about effective professional development in the … Continue reading

Leadership Hierarchy — #EdChat Summary: 02/14/12

Topic: What would be a better alternative to present leadership hierarchy we’ve come to accept in public education? This week’s #edchat topic was an especially welcome change of pace for me, because once again I was forced to really think … Continue reading

Reforming Management in Education — #EdChat Summary: 12-06-11

Topic: What changes could be made to the present management structure of education to make it more effective for educators? This was another #edchat that I was prepared to basically sit by the sidelines for – not because I had … Continue reading