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Announcing the Winners of the Back to School Giveaway

At last, the time has come to announce the winners of the Back to School Giveaway — those fortunate souls whose classrooms, schools, or districts will be taking home their share of the $150,000 in premium edtech resources offered by … Continue reading

An Update on the Back to School Giveaway

We’ve only got a couple more days left to go on the Back to School Giveaway — three, if you want to be exact (and I do).  As I write this on Tuesday afternoon, we have well over 200 entrants, … Continue reading

Why EdTech is More Important Now than Ever

We live in exciting times when it comes to educational technology.  Not only has technology been getting better and better for many years (at a nearly exponential rate), it has also gotten significantly more affordable. But with the rise of … Continue reading

New Flashcards By the Week!

You probably don’t know this unless you keep a pretty sharp eye on our library page, but TestSoup comes out with new flashcard content every single week.  Sometimes we’ll revise or update an existing set (like we did just recently with … Continue reading

Announcing the Back to School Giveaway

by John J. Walters This one goes out to all the teachers, professors, and other educators who scour the internet on a regular basis, looking for ways to make their classes more engaging and their students more successful.  I’m going … Continue reading