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Styling and Profiling

We’re all familiar with the idea that there are many different learning styles out there.  For a quick and dirty overview of the three predominant types, LDPride has some decent explanations that aren’t weighed down with excessive scientific detail.  You … Continue reading

Studying While Running a Business

Going to school and running a small business have a lot in common.  You’re always supposed to be doing at least ten different things, talking to ten different people, and making time to do even more later on.  There’s never … Continue reading

Featured Nursing Program: Rivier University

School: Rivier University Location: Nashua, NH Enrollment size: 2,373 Degrees offered: Associate of Science in Nursing (Evening) Professional Track Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Professional Track (Day) Bachelor of Science in Nursing, RN to BS (Online) Master of Science in … Continue reading

Repost: The Smartest Students in America Go to … Community Colleges?

Ask anyone you know where the smartest people in America go to college. Chances are you’ll get all the same answers: Harvard, MIT, Yale, etc. But I don’t think that’s true. If you ask me, the smartest people go to … Continue reading

Community College Entrance Exam Question of the Day

This question is taken from the Accuplacer, which is used by students applying to community college. 26)  A boy is 22 years old. His mother is 2.5 times his age. When the boy is 30 years old, what will be … Continue reading

Guest Post: Career Assessment Test for High School Students

This guest post is by Keith T. from SolidEssay.com. The best career assessment test will allow you to learn more about your taste and preferences. Your vocational choice will certainly define you. According to experts and theories, individuals can be … Continue reading

Featured Community College: Rio Salado College

School: Rio Salado College Location: Tempe, AZ Enrollment size: 25,109 students Offers online program? Yes Cost: $76/credit in-state; $215 credit out-of-state Placement test used: the ACCUPLACER Highlights: Boasting a beautiful campus in Tempe, AZ, Rio Salado College is becoming an … Continue reading

Meet a VC Who Thinks You Are Smarter for Going to Community College

Meet Tom “TK” Kuegler, a serial entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and co-founder of Wasabi Ventures – a Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm and holding company. I sat down with TK to discuss a hot button topic of his – his assertion … Continue reading

Why I’m a Fan of Fiction

Last year, I wrote a guest post for the Grammarly blog about writing, and how it is one of the most important skills you can develop. Today, this post on Iserotope (one of my favorite teacher blogs) inspired me to … Continue reading

“Its Not Like THAT in the Real World”

guest written by Justin Ballou Many times, I have heard this sentiment (It’s not like that in the real world!) echoed about education, teachers, and the environment of school altogether. So, it is only fitting to begin this blog post … Continue reading