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“Revising Report Cards” — #EdChat Summary: 01/24/12

Topic: What should a report card look like to provide information to parents? Since I’m not a teacher and it’s been quite a while since I paid attention to my grades (by college I had stopped caring about grades and … Continue reading

Blended Learning — #EdChat Summary: 11-29-11

Topic: Is blended coursework, a combination of face-to face class time and online study, a viable option for secondary education? I had a little catch-up work to do before this week’s discussion, mostly because I had no idea what “blended … Continue reading

Campus Challenge Sounds Way Cool

I know the title is lame, but it’s also true.  Sometimes life is like that.  Let me give you a run-down on what the Campus Challenge is and you can decide if you agree with me. You know all those … Continue reading

Breaking out the Hip-Waders for #EdChat

As I write this, I am preparing to participate in my first ever #edchat on Twitter.  Is it normal to be nervous about online conversations?  I jumped into the fray at ISTE11 without much difficulty at all, and those were … Continue reading

Why EdTech is More Important Now than Ever

We live in exciting times when it comes to educational technology.  Not only has technology been getting better and better for many years (at a nearly exponential rate), it has also gotten significantly more affordable. But with the rise of … Continue reading

Announcing the Back to School Giveaway

by John J. Walters This one goes out to all the teachers, professors, and other educators who scour the internet on a regular basis, looking for ways to make their classes more engaging and their students more successful.  I’m going … Continue reading

This Is Only a Test…

(Or, How to Stop Worrying and Love the SAT) guest written by Barbara Bellisi of the CollegeBound Network I don’t consider myself old, but since I have taken the SAT almost half a lifetime ago (gulp!), I like to consider … Continue reading

How to avoid being a “helicopter parent”

guest written by Suzanne Shaffer of Parents Countdown to College Coach It’s hard. I know. I’ve been there. You want your kids to have the BEST education available. You want them to want it as much as you do. You … Continue reading

Staying Sharp During the Summer

When we are young, our lives are defined by the summer.  We look forward to it almost deliriously.  In fact, I think the only time we weren’t counting down the days until summer vacation was when we were counting down … Continue reading

Tackling Finals

Studying for finals can be a stressful time. Reviewing an entire semester’s worth of information for all of your classes in a short period of time can be nerve racking and extremely difficult given the high-pressure situation. However, there are … Continue reading