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Relevant Professional Development — #EdChat Summary: 02/07/12

Topic: What does your district/school do to provide relevant professional development (PD) for you and your colleagues? I must admit, this #edchat was reminiscent of one that I participated in back in November. Happily, I summarized that one too, and … Continue reading

The Student Narrative

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed the pattern yet, but I’ve started collecting guest blog posts from all the interesting people that I meet in #edchat each week. We’ve already heard from Mike Vigilant and Justin Baumgartner. This week, I’m … Continue reading

Does Class Size Matter? — #EdChat Summary: 01/31/12

Topic: Depending on whose research we read, class size does or doesn’t matter. Why does class size matter to you? I hadn’t thought about class size in a very long time. In fact, I can’t remember a time when I … Continue reading

“Revising Report Cards” — #EdChat Summary: 01/24/12

Topic: What should a report card look like to provide information to parents? Since I’m not a teacher and it’s been quite a while since I paid attention to my grades (by college I had stopped caring about grades and … Continue reading

(Not) Waiting for Instructions

guest written by Mike Vigilant Motivation.  What a complicated word. In a recent #edchat conversation on Twitter, the topic of motivation came up, and one of the comments I made was:  “Nobody trains me because I’m the only one at … Continue reading

“To Maximize Learning” — #EdChat Summary: 01-17-12

Topic: How do we consider time differently to rebuild school schedules and calendars to maximize learning? Sometimes, when I’m out and about on the roads early in the morning, I see a school bus and think to myself, “Why on … Continue reading

“Which Comes First?” — #EdChat Summary: 01-10-12

Topic: Which should we support first for the best result? A reform in student learning (teaching methods) or a reform in teacher learning (professional development, or PD)? Back into the swing of things with the first #edchat of the new … Continue reading

“Best Practices” — #EdChat Summary: 12-20-11

Topic: How are “Best Practices” defined, and how do we use them to improve the effect of teachers? This week’s #edchat was a great example of why “two-part” questions are not always a good idea. The discussion was excellent, and … Continue reading

The Purpose of Education — #EdChat Summary: 12-13-11

Topic: What is the purpose of education now and going forward? This week’s #edchat was truly a test of one’s ability to read quickly and tap out Twitter replies even quicker. I think that’s because the topic was so broad … Continue reading

Reforming Management in Education — #EdChat Summary: 12-06-11

Topic: What changes could be made to the present management structure of education to make it more effective for educators? This was another #edchat that I was prepared to basically sit by the sidelines for – not because I had … Continue reading