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Productivity, Time, and Accomplishing the Goal

guest written by Justin Ballou Earlier this week, I had some time to catch up on current happenings in the business sector while waiting for an appointment to begin. From time to time, I find some really good links between … Continue reading

Truth About Achievement

guest written by Justin Ballou One of the tell-tale signs that spring has arrived here in New England is the beginning of baseball season. The idea of Spring Training, the warm nights that are on their way, and the games … Continue reading

“Its Not Like THAT in the Real World”

guest written by Justin Ballou Many times, I have heard this sentiment (It’s not like that in the real world!) echoed about education, teachers, and the environment of school altogether. So, it is only fitting to begin this blog post … Continue reading

Get Real: Unlocking Authentic Assessment in the Classroom

guest written by Steve Silvius of Three Ring In their foundational work, “Inside the Black Box,” Black and Wiliam demonstrated how powerful the concept of formative assessment can be when implemented as a central part of teaching and learning. Sadly, … Continue reading

Using Student Portfolios: Hands-On Experience

guest written by Lauren Scheller 10% homework, 40% quizzes, 20% participation….. sound familiar? The result seems to be students working to achieve a grade as close to 100% as they can, while being confused about how they can even calculate … Continue reading

The Student Narrative

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed the pattern yet, but I’ve started collecting guest blog posts from all the interesting people that I meet in #edchat each week. We’ve already heard from Mike Vigilant and Justin Baumgartner. This week, I’m … Continue reading

“Revising Report Cards” — #EdChat Summary: 01/24/12

Topic: What should a report card look like to provide information to parents? Since I’m not a teacher and it’s been quite a while since I paid attention to my grades (by college I had stopped caring about grades and … Continue reading