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Productivity, Time, and Accomplishing the Goal

guest written by Justin Ballou Earlier this week, I had some time to catch up on current happenings in the business sector while waiting for an appointment to begin. From time to time, I find some really good links between … Continue reading

On Today’s Workplace and Education

guest written by Justin Ballou I am a sucker for stupid comedies. There is something about 90 minutes of raw laughter that can just turn any day on its head. This past week, I was able to get in sections … Continue reading

Teacher-Directed PD — #EdChat Summary: 3/6/12

Topic: With the need to leave comfort zones for relevant professional development to take effect, should teachers continue to control their own learning for PD? This week’s #edchat was the third in recent memory about effective professional development in the … Continue reading

Changes Due to Social Media — #EdChat Summary: 2/28/12

Topic: What specific changes have you made as an educator that are a direct result of social media involvement or being connected? Why do we connect? Where to begin on this #edchat summary? I honestly think this was simultaneously one … Continue reading

(Not) Waiting for Instructions

guest written by Mike Vigilant Motivation.  What a complicated word. In a recent #edchat conversation on Twitter, the topic of motivation came up, and one of the comments I made was:  “Nobody trains me because I’m the only one at … Continue reading

“To Maximize Learning” — #EdChat Summary: 01-17-12

Topic: How do we consider time differently to rebuild school schedules and calendars to maximize learning? Sometimes, when I’m out and about on the roads early in the morning, I see a school bus and think to myself, “Why on … Continue reading

Dealing with Distractions

Mondays are busy days for me.  Unfortunately, they are also the days that I am most prone to distractions, with the possible exception of Fridays.  When you work in an office, distractions like funny websites and coworkers to chat with … Continue reading

Your Summer Internship: Was It Worth It?

I have said it before and I will say it again: sadly, summer is coming to a close. So, there is no time like the present to reflect on it right!? Let’s take a journey through your summer internship. How … Continue reading

The Power (and Importance) of Taking a Break

These days it is more difficult than ever before to stop working.  Nearly all of us are carrying around miniature computers that allow us to receive calls, check emails, and access our company’s website 24-7.  While we love our blackberries, … Continue reading