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Things Good Schools Do

This post originated on David Wees’ blog. ### This is a bit of an experiment in collaborative writing. How it works is that you copy this entire post verbatim, and add one thing to the list below. If you put this … Continue reading

Going Digital – It’s All About Planning, Support, and Time

guest written by Karen Greenhaus The #edchat topic this past week was “If tomorrow your school was told to go all digital by September, what would need to be done to make that happen?” My first thoughts: disaster! Anything expected … Continue reading

Why I Would Homeschool My Children

guest written by Justin Baumgartner I am currently at a point where big decisions are quickly approaching. I’m engaged and planning a wedding, considering having children, and looking for a house. In a world filled with political and economic turmoil, … Continue reading

The ABC’s of a Utopian School

guest written by Tracy Schutz  As probably many veteran educators do, I dream of the perfect school — the precise balance between properly aligned curriculum to meet the needs of every child, parents who are supportive and involved, and a faculty … Continue reading

Productivity, Time, and Accomplishing the Goal

guest written by Justin Ballou Earlier this week, I had some time to catch up on current happenings in the business sector while waiting for an appointment to begin. From time to time, I find some really good links between … Continue reading

Teacher Professional Development – Let’s Get Social!

guest written by Karen Greenhaus There are a lot of resources and advice out there these days to support teacher’s use of social media in their classroom.  From creating classroom blogs, wiki’s, Facebook accounts, and podcasts, to how to incorporate … Continue reading

The Student Narrative

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed the pattern yet, but I’ve started collecting guest blog posts from all the interesting people that I meet in #edchat each week. We’ve already heard from Mike Vigilant and Justin Baumgartner. This week, I’m … Continue reading

School Buildings as Community Centers

guest written by Justin Baumgartner When participating in an #edchat conversation recently, I was surprised to hear that many school districts, possibly even the majority, have their doors locked for the bulk of the time during the year. I was … Continue reading

Six Simple Steps for Succeeding in School

guest written by Mark Molloy of My Town Tutors Being a classroom teacher for close to twenty years, I have noticed some simple, but useful tips that can help students succeed academically. Each year there are a growing number of … Continue reading