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Improving Memory

There are tons of articles online about improving your memory.  A quick search will bring up pages and pages of results.  I spent a few minutes clicking at random and then a few more sorting through the articles I chose.  … Continue reading

Dealing with Distractions

Mondays are busy days for me.  Unfortunately, they are also the days that I am most prone to distractions, with the possible exception of Fridays.  When you work in an office, distractions like funny websites and coworkers to chat with … Continue reading

The Funny Thing about Education

I’m always amazed at how excited people get when their classes get cancelled.  Here you are at an expensive university, paying good money to get a quality education, and yet you get excited when you miss out on a chance … Continue reading

Last Chance to Reflect

I have said it 100 times and I will say it again. The only difference is…I mean it this time. Summer is really coming to an end. You are going back to school, if you have not gone already. Are … Continue reading