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Your Summer Internship: Was It Worth It?

I have said it before and I will say it again: sadly, summer is coming to a close. So, there is no time like the present to reflect on it right!? Let’s take a journey through your summer internship. How … Continue reading

Smart Summer Studying Part II: The Schedule

Here is a sample schedule for you to try to increase your productiveness and decrease your anxiety: Tuesday 7/20/10 10PM: Goodnight Wednesday 7/21/10 8:30AM: Good morning –Try to get up around the same time every day; create a regular sleep … Continue reading

The Art of Networking

America’s most reliable network maybe be Verizon, but YOUR most reliable network is YOU. You are what you make of yourself. You create your future. You have to weave the web that becomes your catcher’s mitt for contacts. Here are … Continue reading

Your Roadmap to Educational Success

From a very young age it is so important to have a goal in mind whether it is athletically, academically, or socially. Goals are what you get places in life. Without goals, we would not have motivation. Here are a … Continue reading

Extra! Extra! Be All About it: The First Year College Experience

College is no easy transition…for anyone! New place, new people, new opportunities! The key: never let the door close…always OPEN it! Now that you know how to tackle your anxiety and manage your time, you can certainly MASTER your first … Continue reading

Planning is Proactive: Tips on Time Management

1. In order to manage your time effectively (and to reduce stress), invest in a 15-minute or hourly planner.  This will enable you to set a rigid study schedule for months ahead of time! I know it seems intimidating at … Continue reading

GMAT & GRE Cards

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging! Here in New Hampshire, winter lovers still are waiting for the temperatures to drop. It is simply too warm for snowfall and frozen water. When … Continue reading