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The Purpose of Education — #EdChat Summary: 12-13-11

Topic: What is the purpose of education now and going forward? This week’s #edchat was truly a test of one’s ability to read quickly and tap out Twitter replies even quicker. I think that’s because the topic was so broad … Continue reading

Why EdTech is More Important Now than Ever

We live in exciting times when it comes to educational technology.  Not only has technology been getting better and better for many years (at a nearly exponential rate), it has also gotten significantly more affordable. But with the rise of … Continue reading

Change Your Mindset for Greater Success

guest written by Shahar Link of Mindspire Tutoring & Test Prep Many people believe that the basic ingredients of success on challenging tests like the SAT or ACT are 1) talent at math or language, 2) how much you learned in … Continue reading

Staying in the Game

by John J. Walters Writing news update posts is always a little bit of a challenge.  Actually, writing a post for the TestSoup blog at all is a bit of a challenge for me this time around.  I’m a bit … Continue reading

This Is Only a Test…

(Or, How to Stop Worrying and Love the SAT) guest written by Barbara Bellisi of the CollegeBound Network I don’t consider myself old, but since I have taken the SAT almost half a lifetime ago (gulp!), I like to consider … Continue reading

Three common Accuplacer questions

guest written by Eric Clark of Quincy Tutoring In my role as Assistant Director of Academic Services at Eastern Nazarene College (ENC) in Quincy MA, part of my responsibility is proctoring the Accuplacer. Quite often, people call asking several different … Continue reading

Your Roadmap to Educational Success

From a very young age it is so important to have a goal in mind whether it is athletically, academically, or socially. Goals are what you get places in life. Without goals, we would not have motivation. Here are a … Continue reading

Extra! Extra! Be All About it: The First Year College Experience

College is no easy transition…for anyone! New place, new people, new opportunities! The key: never let the door close…always OPEN it! Now that you know how to tackle your anxiety and manage your time, you can certainly MASTER your first … Continue reading

Planning is Proactive: Tips on Time Management

1. In order to manage your time effectively (and to reduce stress), invest in a 15-minute or hourly planner.  This will enable you to set a rigid study schedule for months ahead of time! I know it seems intimidating at … Continue reading

Pace Yourself!

One of the most common mistakes made by many standardized test-takers is that they fail to pace themselves on test day. Standardized tests are timed tests so you must pace yourself! Here are two simple tips to help you beat … Continue reading