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Changes Due to Social Media — #EdChat Summary: 2/28/12

Topic: What specific changes have you made as an educator that are a direct result of social media involvement or being connected? Why do we connect? Where to begin on this #edchat summary? I honestly think this was simultaneously one … Continue reading

Replacing Traditional Lectures

guest written by Nicola Petty Lectures were invented before print was available for the dissemination of information. One person talked and other people listened. It was the best they could do at the time. However, today we can do better. … Continue reading

Using Student Portfolios: Hands-On Experience

guest written by Lauren Scheller 10% homework, 40% quizzes, 20% participation….. sound familiar? The result seems to be students working to achieve a grade as close to 100% as they can, while being confused about how they can even calculate … Continue reading

Does Class Size Matter? — #EdChat Summary: 01/31/12

Topic: Depending on whose research we read, class size does or doesn’t matter. Why does class size matter to you? I hadn’t thought about class size in a very long time. In fact, I can’t remember a time when I … Continue reading

(Not) Waiting for Instructions

guest written by Mike Vigilant Motivation.  What a complicated word. In a recent #edchat conversation on Twitter, the topic of motivation came up, and one of the comments I made was:  “Nobody trains me because I’m the only one at … Continue reading

“To Maximize Learning” — #EdChat Summary: 01-17-12

Topic: How do we consider time differently to rebuild school schedules and calendars to maximize learning? Sometimes, when I’m out and about on the roads early in the morning, I see a school bus and think to myself, “Why on … Continue reading

4 Tips for Non-English Educators Using the Writing Process

guest written by Kimberly Joki of Grammarly. That writing is a necessary professional and life skill is universally accepted.  Interdisciplinary approaches to teaching writing are key to giving our students the necessary experience to grow into confident writers. However, despite increased … Continue reading

“Which Comes First?” — #EdChat Summary: 01-10-12

Topic: Which should we support first for the best result? A reform in student learning (teaching methods) or a reform in teacher learning (professional development, or PD)? Back into the swing of things with the first #edchat of the new … Continue reading

Make History Come Alive with Stories

guest written by Wim Coleman of Chiron Books. In my previous post, I wrote about introducing storytelling techniques (especially dramatic ones) as an aid to teaching literature. In my fourth and final post as a guest here, I’ll to share some … Continue reading

#EdChat Summary: 11-22-11

Topic: Will the idea of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) help or hinder education? It’s Thanksgiving week, so I thought that this week’s #edchat would see a much smaller and more intimate group of regulars.  Wrong!  Yesterday’s conversation was just … Continue reading