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Change Your Mindset for Greater Success

guest written by Shahar Link of Mindspire Tutoring & Test Prep Many people believe that the basic ingredients of success on challenging tests like the SAT or ACT are 1) talent at math or language, 2) how much you learned in … Continue reading

This Is Only a Test…

(Or, How to Stop Worrying and Love the SAT) guest written by Barbara Bellisi of the CollegeBound Network I don’t consider myself old, but since I have taken the SAT almost half a lifetime ago (gulp!), I like to consider … Continue reading

Smart Summer Studying Part II: The Schedule

Here is a sample schedule for you to try to increase your productiveness and decrease your anxiety: Tuesday 7/20/10 10PM: Goodnight Wednesday 7/21/10 8:30AM: Good morning –Try to get up around the same time every day; create a regular sleep … Continue reading