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Styling and Profiling

We’re all familiar with the idea that there are many different learning styles out there.  For a quick and dirty overview of the three predominant types, LDPride has some decent explanations that aren’t weighed down with excessive scientific detail.  You … Continue reading

Going to War over EdTech

Is it worth fighting a war over edtech?  Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush seems to think so.  He co-founded the Foundation for Excellence in Education and has made it his goal to “digitize education,” which (from what I understand) involves … Continue reading

Staying in the Game

by John J. Walters Writing news update posts is always a little bit of a challenge.  Actually, writing a post for the TestSoup blog at all is a bit of a challenge for me this time around.  I’m a bit … Continue reading

A Different Perspective

When you think about it, who do you trust most when it comes to test prep?  Odds are, you have your own system for preparing for exams that you developed through years of trial and error.  You know approximately what … Continue reading

TestSoup: Now on the iPhone

guest written by John J. Walters This is the second “announcement post” I’ve written for TestSoup in about a month.  If we don’t stop soon, our hubris will no doubt become our undoing.  But today we focus on happier things, … Continue reading

There’s “Test Prep” and then There’s Test Prep

I was inspired by this flippant blog post from Bethesda World News to write about the difference between smart studying and just cramming answers into your head to help you pass an exam.  Obviously, there is a big difference, and … Continue reading

The Sweet Spot

President Obama recently signed legislation into effect that will pump $2 billion dollars ($500 million per year over four years) towards community colleges, which already saw a 17% spike in enrollment from 2007 to 2009.  He is calling for community … Continue reading

Extra! Extra! Be All About it: The First Year College Experience

College is no easy transition…for anyone! New place, new people, new opportunities! The key: never let the door close…always OPEN it! Now that you know how to tackle your anxiety and manage your time, you can certainly MASTER your first … Continue reading

Planning is Proactive: Tips on Time Management

1. In order to manage your time effectively (and to reduce stress), invest in a 15-minute or hourly planner.  This will enable you to set a rigid study schedule for months ahead of time! I know it seems intimidating at … Continue reading

Tips to Help You Dominate the GMAT Verbal Section

1.  Buy the Manhattan GMAT sentence correction book.  It is by far the best sentence correction book on the market (at least for the money) 2.  The sentence correction questions and reading comprehension passages (in our opinion) are more difficult on … Continue reading