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Going Digital – It’s All About Planning, Support, and Time

guest written by Karen Greenhaus The #edchat topic this past week was “If tomorrow your school was told to go all digital by September, what would need to be done to make that happen?” My first thoughts: disaster! Anything expected … Continue reading

4 Tips for Non-English Educators Using the Writing Process

guest written by Kimberly Joki of Grammarly. That writing is a necessary professional and life skill is universally accepted.  Interdisciplinary approaches to teaching writing are key to giving our students the necessary experience to grow into confident writers. However, despite increased … Continue reading

Make History Come Alive with Stories

guest written by Wim Coleman of Chiron Books. In my previous post, I wrote about introducing storytelling techniques (especially dramatic ones) as an aid to teaching literature. In my fourth and final post as a guest here, I’ll to share some … Continue reading

A Second Retrospective on #EdChat

Last week I wrote a post that talked about my thoughts both before participating in #edchat for the first time and then immediately afterwards.  I know that two #edchats does not an expert make, but I just had to write … Continue reading

Breaking out the Hip-Waders for #EdChat

As I write this, I am preparing to participate in my first ever #edchat on Twitter.  Is it normal to be nervous about online conversations?  I jumped into the fray at ISTE11 without much difficulty at all, and those were … Continue reading

Six Simple Steps for Succeeding in School

guest written by Mark Molloy of My Town Tutors Being a classroom teacher for close to twenty years, I have noticed some simple, but useful tips that can help students succeed academically. Each year there are a growing number of … Continue reading

How Grammarly and Bloom’s Taxonomy Help Teach Writing

guest written by Kimberly Joki of Grammarly When it comes to web tools for teaching writing, many educators are wary of writing editors and automatic checks that don’t so much “teach” as “tell.”  How does a student learn to write … Continue reading

Staying Sharp During the Summer

When we are young, our lives are defined by the summer.  We look forward to it almost deliriously.  In fact, I think the only time we weren’t counting down the days until summer vacation was when we were counting down … Continue reading

The Ultimate Strategy

Test-taking preparation and the right attitude can give any student a better chance of succeeding in their classes. Here are 10 tips for you to follow that will enhance your scholastic performance: 1. Preparing for tests in college should begin … Continue reading