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Why I’m a Fan of Fiction

Last year, I wrote a guest post for the Grammarly blog about writing, and how it is one of the most important skills you can develop. Today, this post on Iserotope (one of my favorite teacher blogs) inspired me to … Continue reading

4 Tips for Non-English Educators Using the Writing Process

guest written by Kimberly Joki of Grammarly. That writing is a necessary professional and life skill is universally accepted.  Interdisciplinary approaches to teaching writing are key to giving our students the necessary experience to grow into confident writers. However, despite increased … Continue reading

Make History Come Alive with Stories

guest written by Wim Coleman of Chiron Books. In my previous post, I wrote about introducing storytelling techniques (especially dramatic ones) as an aid to teaching literature. In my fourth and final post as a guest here, I’ll to share some … Continue reading

The Power of a Prequel

guest written by Wim Coleman of Chiron Books. In my last two posts, I hinted at how storytelling—especially improvisations and scripted scenes—can be used to teach almost any subject. Here I’m going to make some specific suggestions about a widely-taught work … Continue reading

A Story for all Subjects

guest written by Wim Coleman of Chiron Books. To continue my thoughts on narrative in the classroom, I’ll begin (appropriately) with a story. When I was a college sophomore theater student, I belonged to a small acting group called ETC—The Educational … Continue reading

The Vital Importance of Story

guest written by Wim Coleman of Chiron Books. When it was suggested that I write a guest post for TestSoup about bringing narratives into the classroom, I was immediately thrilled. Then I was daunted. My wife, Pat Perrin, and I … Continue reading

Why Write about Education

Just to make sure that you aren’t missing it, today is the National Day on Writing, also referred to as “Why I Write Day.”  Here are the details. I’ve been reading a lot of different bloggers today that have decided … Continue reading

How Grammarly and Bloom’s Taxonomy Help Teach Writing

guest written by Kimberly Joki of Grammarly When it comes to web tools for teaching writing, many educators are wary of writing editors and automatic checks that don’t so much “teach” as “tell.”  How does a student learn to write … Continue reading