TestSoup Version 2.0

The times, they are a-changin’ here at TestSoup.  And by “the times” I mean “stuff.”  In the past couple months we’ve made a couple Big Leagues(TM) upgrades to the company, and I thought I’d take a moment to walk you through a couple of them.

  • New website.  Do you like what we’ve done with the place?  We were so busy working on flashcard content before that we barely had time to get our website in order.  We were just throwing new content wherever it would fit, without regard for order, balance, and aesthetics.  The result was a mess, and we knew it.  That’s why we took some time to reorganize a bit.  And who could blame us for wanting to spruce things up at the same time, yeah?
  • Way more information in our library page.  This one came up during our website redesign.  We started thinking, “If we provide so much information for each one of our apps in iTunes, why aren’t we providing that level of detail on our website?”  So now we do.  Check out the Accuplacer page, for example.  Sweet, right?  And that brings us to our next Big Leagues(TM) change…
  • We’re on the iPhone.  And the iPad.  And the iPod Touch.  Really all the iOS devices.  How?  By writing apps that bring all the great content of our online flashcards to the most popular mobile devices out there.  We’re talking studying on the go without having to lug those obnoxiously huge study guides around with you.  Your phone is always in your pocket — now so are your test prep materials.
  • We started working on apps for the Android OS as well.  After all, why leave millions of  smartphone users out in the cold?  Who are we to judge if your phone doesn’t have a piece of fruit on the back?  Nobody, that’s who.  So as soon as we got our iOS apps approved in the Appstore we started porting them over to the Android OS.  Should be ready in a couple weeks.  Patience.
  • We started creating mini-sets.  People were asking us why we were so narrowly focused on test prep when our flashcards would be perfect for a much wider range of topics, from professional to trivia to purely entertaining.  Good feedback — we love good feedback.  So I am pleased to annouce that mini-sets with a broader focus are currently in the works, as well as a revised infrastructure that will allow us to crank out card sets quicker and easier.
  • Finally, and perhaps most imporantly, we started our search for content creators to help bring our test prep content to students studying for AP tests, professional exams, and a host of other things.  As you may recall, we’re always hiring.  Drop us a line if you think you could fill a role on our site, or if you have ideas for new roles and markets that could use more more flashcards and less confusion.

Not bad for a couple months work, right?  And stay tuned — we have big things in the works for this summer.  Gotta take advantage of the downtime in the educational world, because those school years can be crazy!

Oh, and don’t forget that we’ll be at ISTE 2011 and will be co-hosting a karaoke-infused tweetup on June 28th in Philly.  We hope to see you there!

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