The Sweet Spot

President Obama recently signed legislation into effect that will pump $2 billion dollars ($500 million per year over four years) towards community colleges, which already saw a 17% spike in enrollment from 2007 to 2009.  He is calling for community colleges, “the unsung heroes of America’s education system,” to produce an additional 5 million graduates by 2020.  Amidst these difficult economic times, Obama points out that two-year education programs are more important than ever.

TestSoup could not agree more.  The unfortunate reality of higher education is the opportunity cost associated with attendance.  Four year programs place such heavy demands on students’ time that they often have time for little else.  What about those who want to study who can’t afford to give up their livelihoods?  What about those who are attending school while raising a family?  What about those who just want a leg up with a career change but are a bit beyond dorm life?

For people in these situations, and many others like them, community colleges are there to help, just like TestSoup.  With a wide variety of test preparation and study solutions, TestSoup can help students prepare for final exams, placement tests, and even keep up with class work.  But the benefits of the program don’t stop there.  TestSoup also has offerings for teachers that can help them give their students the technological edge to succeed in today’s world.

If the President wants America to make better use of our excellent system of community colleges, then TestSoup is right there with him, with high-tech online services for universities, school districts, individual classrooms, and even government networks.  Our education solutions can boost enrollment by offering students the resources to dominate their next test, encourage them to immerse themselves more completely in their subjects, and facilitate the sharing of resources across departments or even districts.

Community colleges are all about giving people the opportunity to find the sweet spot in their education, their careers, and their lives.  And TestSoup is here to help.

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