The Ultimate Strategy

Test-taking preparation and the right attitude can give any student a better chance of succeeding in their classes. Here are 10 tips for you to follow that will enhance your scholastic performance:

1. Preparing for tests in college should begin after the first day of classes. This should include completing daily homework assignments (even assignments that will not be handed in), and reviewing study materials on a regular basis, (e.g. notes and handouts are extremely important).

2. Time management is essential. Make sure that you budget your time to comfortably cover all of the material.

3. Go the extra mile and meet with teachers during office hours to get to know them on a personal basis. Go to review sessions and pay attention to certain hints that the instructor may give about the test.

4. Ask the instructor to specify the areas that will be emphasized on the test. Make sure that you ask them about the format as well, (e.g. multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, short answer or essays)

5. Make sure you give yourself enough time before the class starts to ask any final questions to the teacher that you are still not 100% sure about.

6. Go over all material from practice tests, pervious homework assignments, sample problems, review material, the textbook, and class notes.

7. Eat before an exam. Having food in your stomach will give you energy and help you focus. An energy bar or a piece of fruit is an excellent source of nutrition.

8. Don’t ever try to pull an all-nighter. Get at least six hours of sleep before the test.

9. Make a review sheet from all of the main ideas and information that were in your notes or handouts. This makes your materials much more organized and easier to retain the key concepts.

10. Try to show up at least 10 minutes before the test will start. Mentally get “in the zone” and be confident that you are fully prepared for the exam. Bring #2 pencils, pens, calculators or anything that you will need for the test. A few deep breaths never hurt either!

Nick Scutari

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