Things Good Schools Do

This post originated on David Wees’ blog.


This is a bit of an experiment in collaborative writing. How it works is that you copy this entire post verbatim, and add one thing to the list below. If you put this on a blog, please tag this post with “goodschoolproject” if possible to make these posts easier to find later.

  1. Good schools focus on the learners, not the system.
  2. Good schools prepare students to lead full and satisfying lives, not just for jobs.

You are free to share and modify this post, but whomever you share it with must enjoy the same freedom.

2 Responses to Things Good Schools Do
  1. Thanks for posting this John. I’ve already seen some 3rd generation posts out there, and I’m looking forward to some 4th and 5th generations popping up! The evolution of this list, and how people decide what is most important for them to add will be interesting for me.

  2. John

    I’d be interested in seeing a collection of the responses.

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